September 2nd, 2014 Current Affairs Bits

Q: ‘Hokuriku Shinkasen’ is a 

1. War ship
2. Air plane
3. Bullet Train
4. Truck 

Q: In which of the following countries the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) which is a forum for multi stake holder policy dialogue on Internet governance meeting is conducted in September 2014?

1. Syria (Damascus)
2. Greece (Athens)
3. Turkey (Istanbul)
4. France (Paris)

Q: Who of the following suggested that to end the problem of Indo-Pak, there should be reunification of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh under a strong secular state with a modern minded leadership?

1. Subramanian Swamy 
2. Kapil Sibal
3. Justice Markendeya Katju
4. Amit Shah

Q: Which of the following banks declared in September 2014 that Vijay Mallya (King fisher) a wilful defaulter?

1. State Bank of India
3. United Bank of India
4. Punjab National Bank

Q: Which of the following High Courts has issued the order to stop animal sacrifices during religious ceremonies and festivals in temples and in buildings adjoining places of worship?

1. Calcutta 
2. Bombay 
3. Madras 
4. Himachal Pradesh