2020 Current Affairs Videos (EM)

January 2020
1. January 1Chief of Defense Staff, Role and Responsibilities
2. January 4Can a State Assembly Pass a Resolution against Central Law?
3. January 5APPSC -2020 (General Studies for All Exams) - Latest and Updated Classes
4. January 6Section 9 of the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2006
5. January 8What is Curative Petition?(Death Warrant against 4 Nirbhaya case Convicts)
6. January 8What is Fiscal Deficit? Why GOI is Planning to Cut the Expenditure in 2019-20?
7. January 9Disinvestment of Equity Shareholding in NINL
8. January 11What is FDI and FPI? Ordinance on FDI in coal Mining
9. January 12Chief of Defence Staff is a Secretary in Ministry of Defence Now
10. January 13IAS 2020 (Prelims Test Series) - 50 + Subject wise, 5 + Grand Tests, 3000 + Current Affairs Bits (Since June 1, 2019).
11. January 13In a Welfare State, Right to Property is a Human Right
12. January 14Mercy Plea after the dismissal of Curative Petition
13. January 15IAS 2019 (Personality Test/Interview) Cutting edge Online guidance
14. January 17Convicts to be hanged on February 1, 2020 and Not on January 22, 2020
15. January 20Irrawady dolphins, GoM
16. January 22: Mahatma Gandhi - Above Bharata Ratna
17. January 22Reciting Preamble is a Must in Maharashtra Schools
18. January 22General Studies 2020 (for All Competitive Exams-Latest & Updated Classes)
19. January 24: Full Democracy to Flawed Democracy, Democracy Index
20. January 24How a State Legislative Council is Created or Abolished?
21. January 25Electoral Literacy for Stronger Democracy
22. January 28How the SEBI Chief is Selected?
23. January 28AP Assembly Passed a Resolution for the Abolition of the Upper House
24. January 28Which is the First State to Pass anti Citizenship Amendment Act Resolution?
25. January 29Ramsar Sites, Rule 130, EU Parliament, Chief Guest of Republic Day 2020
26. January 30Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) - Transparency International (TI)
27. January 31Economic Survey (2019-20), Theory of Invisible Hand

February 2020:
1. February 1Budget 2020-2021 (Class 1) - Kalyan Sir
2. February 2Budget 2020-2021 (Class 2) - New Income Tax Regime with No Exemptions and Deductions
3. February 3Kalyan Sir - IAS 2020 Prelims Cum Mains Effective Preparation
4. February 3SI of Police (Andhra Pradesh) - Notification to be Released Soon
5. February 3Group 2 - 2020 (APPSC)- Prepare Well In Advance Under the Guidance of Kalyan Sir for Sure Success
6. February 6Nirbhaya Case: The Supreme Court to Hear Central Government Appeal
7. February 7Impeachment Procedure of the President of USA
8. FebruaryState 3rd Rank APPSC (Group 2) - Patnam Lavan Kumar (251005339) Hearty Congratulations
10. February 11Sustainable Development Fee, DISHA
11. February 11Group 2 ( APPSC) - Last Date of Admission February 12, 2020
12. February 13CORONA virus is COVID 19, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is the DG of WHO
13. February 13Can the Prisoners be permitted to vote in the elections? Verdict of Delhi High Court
14. February 14Group 2 (APPSC 2020) - Last Date of Admissions Extended to February 19, 2020
15. February 15Konark Sun Temple, TERI, MOTERA STADIUM
16. February 17APPSC(Group 2)-New Batches(EM/TM)Soon-Last Date of Admissions February 19,2020
17. February 17KAMBALA,Indian Usain Bolt
18. February 20The Beast, Afghanistan, IDSA
19. February 21PMFBY, 22nd Law Commission, Internationla Mother Language Day
20. February 22NABARD, Ross Taylor, CVC, CIC, First Test Tube Baby
21. February 23SI OF POLICE (AP/TS) EM and TM - GS, Reasoning, Arithmetic, Pure Maths, English and Telugu.
22. February 23: Target 125+ /150 in Paper 3 (Indian and AP Economy) (Group 2)-APPSC -2020
23. February 24IAS 2020 (Prelims) - 50 (+) Comprehensive Tests & 3500 Current Affairs Bits
24: February 25PM Kisan Samman Nidhi, Hosni Mubarak, Donald Trump, IMI 2.0
25. February 26RAJYA SABHA, Bicameral State Legislatures, NOTA
26. February 28MSMEs, CCEA, National Technical Textile Mission

March 2020:
1. March 2IICT, Covid 19, Nirbhaya Convicts, NSO, GST
2. March 3AMASR, Malaysia, USA and Taliban Peace Deal
3. March 416th Census In India, Sri Lanka Eections,WHO
4. March 6Women's Day-Group 2 (Rs 9500) & SI of Police (Rs 5000)-Valid from March 7 to 9, 2020
5. March 7OHCHR, NIV, Chandrayaan-3
6. March 8Yes Bank, Israel, NPT
7. March 15India is at Stage II of Pandemic (COVID 19), ICMR
8. March 21NAMASTE INDIA (March 22, 2020)- Short Term Pain and Long Term Gain-Lets Break Corona Chain
9. March 22General Studies (2020) for All Competitive Exams in India (Rs 2700/-)
10. March 23What is Lock down and Why is it enforced?
11. March 25WHO, UNICEF, UNDP, Whatsapp, Indelible Ink
12. March 26Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana(1.7 Lakh Crore Package),Vivek Express
13. March 27Reserve Bank of India and Monetary Policy Committee
14. March 27General Studies 2020-Latest and Updated Videos (Rs 2700)-Kalyan Sir OnlineIAS.com -One Stop Solution
15. March 30MPLADS for fight against Corona Pandemic
16. March 31UN Security Council Voted Through Email for the fist Time in its History

April 2020:
1. April 1How Many Public Sector Banks are present in India after Latest Merger?
2. April 2Group 2 (APPSC/TSPSC) - EM/TM, Rs 9500/-Last Date: April 7, 2020
3. April 3How Many Times so far the Olympic Games were Cancelled since 1896?
4. April 5Who was the longest served Minister in India?
5. April 6Group 2 (2020) APPSC/TSPSC (EM/TM), GS 2020 for All Competitive Exams in India
6. April 6Salary, Allowances and Pensions of MPs Act 1954 amended to Cut 30 % pay
7. April 7Prominent Persons who were not part of Constituent Assembly, World Health Day
8. April 9US Presidential Elections,IMF on Global Economic Crisis, Hydroxychloroquine
9. April 10Discretionary Funds of the Governor, SAARC, Bhilwara Model
10. April 11Reasoning, Arithmetic, Pure Maths, Data Interpretation, English
11. April 12Helicopter Money
12. April 12Group 2(APPSC and TSPSC), SI of Police (AP and TS), English and Telugu Medium
13. April 13How a State Election Commissioner is Appointed and Removed? The Powers of the Government
14. April 14Arogya Setu, Lockdown Extension, Dr B R Ambedkar
15. April 15Hot spots, Gulf Cooperation Council, WHO
16: April 16OPEC, First Passenger Train In India
17. April 17Red, Orange and Green Zones
18. April 18FDI Policy Amended to Protect Indian Industries, DPIIT
19. April 20Swahili, Hindi and Other United Nations Official Languages
20. April 21What is Negative Price? Rajya Sabha Elections Deferred
21. April 22Climate Action, Cabinet Expansion
22. April 23Qualifications and Term of office of the Chairman of NHRC and SHRC
23. April 24Noor (Military Satellite), National Panchayati Raj Day
24. April 25VITAL Devices, Wet and Dry Markets, US Immigration Issues
25. April 27Convalescent Plasma Therapy, Antigen, Antibody
26. April 29APPSC/TSPSC (Group 1&2) SI of Police, GS 2020 for All Competitive Exams
27. April 30Article 164(4), S R Chaudhuri vs State Of Punjab, Can a CM be Reappointed?

May 2020:
1. May 1CDS,Chiefs of Army, Air Force, Navy, Lock Down, Legislative Council Elections
2. May 2NPC,Congress, Parliament, 42nd & 44th amendments, Uni and Bicameral Legislatures
4. May 7IAS 2021 (Current Affairs Exclusive Batch up to May 31, 2021)
5. May 8Vande Bharat Mission, Shramik Rails
6. May 11IAS 2021 (Prelims) From June 1, 2020- One Stop Solution
7. May 12Smiling Buddha, Operation Shakti, National Technology Day, Fission and Fusion
8. May 14: Archaeological Survey of India (Q and A)
9. May 15IAS 2021 (Prelims Exclusive) followed by Mains - One Stop Solution
10. May 15IAS 2021 (Mains) GS 1, 2, 3,4 & General Essay(Emphasis on Answer Writing)
11. May 16Foreign Direct Investment-USA, China and India's Global Position in top 10
12. May 18FDI for Defence manufacturing enhanced to 74 per cent under the automatic route
13. May 20Amphan Cyclone, What is a Super Cyclone? Who names the Cyclones?
14. May 21Indian Economy - Exclusive batch for IAS 2021 (Prelims) from June 1, 2020
15. May 22Who decides Repo & Reverse Repo Rates and How? What are the current rates?
16. May 25The Golden Hat trick - My Hockey Days, China to India, World Turtle Day
17. May 28Cold War Period, First, Second and Third Word Countries
18. May 29:
19. May 30India is going to be a Non Permanent Member of UNSC for the 8th time (2021-22)
20. May 31Special Package for(AP,TS) Group 2, SI of Police, GS (All India, AP and TS)

June 2020:
1. June 2Nisarga, Rafale Fighter Jets, Rajya Sabha Elections
2. June 3India, that is, Bharat
3. June 4June 7, last date for Special Package (AP/TS, Group 2, SI of Police, GS)
4. June 6Why International Days are celebrated?, World Environment Day 
5. June 8Lieutenant Governor and Chief Minister of Delhi, Covid 19
6. June 8Special Package Extended up to June 16(AP/TS)-Group 2, SI of Police, GS (AP/TS/All India)
7. June 10What is 30 * 30? The Countries responsible for highest Ocean Pollution in the World 
8. June 12ICMR, Urban Slums, Urban Settlements, Serosurvey
9. June 16Is Mental illness covered under Insurance?, Tamil Nadu - Change of Names, 38th Parallel
10. June 18India,Ireland,Mexico,Norway elected as Non Permanent members of UNSC, 5thMember on June 18, 2020
11. June 19GSP, Kenya among newly elected 5 Non-Permanent Members of UNSC
12. June 20Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Rojgar Abhiyan
13. June 25National Emergency on the grounds of Internal Disturbances in 1975
14. June 26IN-SPACe (Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Center) 
15. June 30What are Essential Commodities? Latest Amendments, a Big Relief to Farmers

July 2020:
1. July 1Indian Economy (IAS 2021) - Successful Completion As per the Schedule
2. July 1Group 2(APPSC/TSPSC), SI of Police(AP/TS), GS for (AP/TS/All India)-EM & TM
3. July 1AP History - 75 Marks (Group 2, APPSC)
4. July 2Kholongchhu Hydroelectric Project, PM FME, National Statistics Day
5. July 3DART, IT Act 2000, Inter Parliamentary Union
6. July 4COPE INDIA, Freedom of Press,USA, Pradhan Mantri Jan Vikas Karyakram, Aditya L1
7. July 4APPSC (Group 2- EM) AP History, to be Commenced on July 11, 2020
8. July 8Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary, Armed Forces Special Power Act
9. July 9IAD, Ivory Coast, Van Gujjars, Central Zoo Authority
10. July 10Nepal Blacks out Indian Media, Bhitarkanika National Park, AG of India, CA Day
11. July 11Why July 11th is Observed as World Population Day? 
12. July 12APPSC/TSPSC (Group 2), SI of Police and GS for All Competitive Exam (AP/TS)
13. July 15Ofek-16,Dehing Patkai, Shree Saptmai Gurukul Sanskrit Vidhyalaya,Ujjwala Yojana
14. July 15Last Date July 17, 2020 for Group 2, SI of Police (AP and Telangana)
15. July 20Zoonoses, CAATSA, Paris Climate accord
16. July 21: Net Zero Carbon Emissions by Railways, Agriculture Infrastructure Fund 
17. July 22: Group 2 and SI of Police Seminar (AP and Telangana)
18. July 22: Anti Tank Missile, IGMDP, Hong Kong lost Autonomy
19. July 23: APOAPSIS, Soyuz, Chinnok and Apache
20. July 24IAS 2021 - Prelims and Mains (Time Bound and Effective Preparation Strategy for UPSC Civil Services)
21. July 29BPVRS 2020 Scheme
22. July 30: Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, ASI, ASTHROS
23. July 31: Can the Election of the President of USA be delayed?

August 2020:
1. August 1: Special Leave Petition
2. August 1: IAS 2021 - Indian History Classes
3. August 3: Solar Power Plants in India
4. August 5: Muslim Women' Day, E-Rakshabandhan
5. August 6: Little Boy and Fat Man
6. August 7: Swadeshi and Boycott Movement
7. August 10: New Comptroller and Auditor General of India
8. August 11: Laffer Curve, NCMC, Dragon Capsule
9. August 12: SPUTNIK V, Mt Sinabung, Indian Space Programme
10. August 13Atma Nirbhar Bharat Sapath, SLR, Tributaries, Dis-tributaries
11. August 14What is the Difference Between Trust and No-Trust Vote?(Rajasthan Case Study)
12. August 15Through Which Act India and Pakistan got Independence? August 15 in the History
13. August 17Home Grown Rocket Engine, CITES, Tribal Museums, Depsang Plains
14. August 18Gamaleya Institute, Forest Coverage in India, ED, SEBI
15. August 19What is National Recruitment Agency and Common Eligibility Test? (SSC, RRB, IBPS & more)
16. August 20Why Election Commissioner Mr. Ashok Lavasa submitted the Resignation? 
17. August 21Organic Farming, SRIJAN, F 16, Paris Summit 
18. August 22National Sporting Honours in India
19. August 24Arrow 2, Addu Atoll, Elephant Day, Youth Day, Swachh Survekshan - 2020
20. August 25Helina, DHRUVASTRA, God Partilce, KPCS
21. August 26Nishitha, CMEC, FATF, World Mosquito Day, ABVK Yojana
22. August 27What is Supply Chain Resilience?
23.August 28Ramesh Chand Task Force, Composite Water Management Index, Cleanest Indian City
24. August 29What is '2018VP1"? National Council for Transgender Persons
25. August 31A Legend Leaves - Tributes from Students and Management of Kalyan Sir OnlineIAS.com

September 2020:

1. September 1: What is V Shaped Recovery?, First Manned Flying Car 
2. September 2TXS 0128+554, Mongolian language/Mandarin
3. September 4: What are the Functions of Delimitation Commission?
4. September 5: Reusable Spacecraft and its Functions
5. September 5: Which state Topped in Ease of Doing Business 2019?
6. September 7Kesavananda Bharati Case, Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle
7. September 8: Coal Gasification, Core Industries, RRBs, Clean Air Day, Literacy Day
8. September 10: Cannabis Medicine project,Credit Linked Capital Subsidy,World Economic Outlook
9. September 11: PMMSY, e-Gopala, Rafale Jets, Nasal Vaccine for Corona
10. September 12: Asol Chini, Mcmahon line, Wind Energy, LIGO, NIN
11. September 14: How the Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha is elected?
12. September 15: India elected as a Member of Pretentious 'Commission on Status of Women'
13. September 17: What is Economic Freedom? Singapore Convention on Mediation
14. September 21: What is Abraham Accord?, Year of Artificial Intelligence
14. September 22: APPSC Group 1 (Pre & Mains - 2021) English & Telugu Medium
15. September 23: What is MSP? What are APMCs?
16. September 24: What is Agent Smith, House hold Social Consumption, Industrial Relations Code Bill
17. September 25: SC to Hear the Plea of Civils Aspirants,Sustainable Recovery Report,LTIF, NC for Transgender Persons
18. September 29: UPSC, Pinaka, ECT, MPATGM
19. September 30: IAS 2020 (Prelims) - Aatma Nirbhar Bharay Abhiyan
October 2020:
1. October 1
CSP 2020 (Prelims)- Which Department Prepares the Budget? UN International Year of 2020
2. October 2Latest Constitutional Amendments - A Quick Review
3. October 3: What is 'Positive Pay System'? How Does It work?
4. October 3: Global Gender Report is Published by?,World Population,Common Time Standard, Zodiac Light
5. October 5: Bongosagar, Jal Jeevan Mission, Atal Tunnel, Kalpana Chawla Space Craft
6. October 7: Global Innovation Index, Swachch Bharat Awards 2020, National Sports University
7. October 8: BrahMos, GST, Iodine based Hand Sanitizer
8. October 12: AP Economy (Group 2) from October 12, 2020 by Kalyan Sir - A Free Seminar
9. October 12: Svamitva, Rudram, Nobel Prizes, Global Competitiveness Index
10. October 19: What is Child Wasting and Child Stunting? - GHI - 2020
11. October 21: What is Joint Naval Exercise? Why is it important? Who is the Current CNS? 
12. October 22: What is the Base Year for Consumer Price India for Industrial Workers? Central Bureau Investigation
13. October 22IAS 2021 (Paper 3) Mains - A Special Focus on Answer Writing from November 1, 2020 - KalyanIAS.com
14. October 23SI of Police and Constable 20000+ Vacancies in Telangana and 6500+ in AP
15. October 27: CUReD, NATO Space Centre, Hiyang Tannaba, Police Commemoration Day
16. October 28What is Infantry Day, Land in J and K, World Investment Report, Asteroid Bennu
17. October 29: Standoff Anti-tank Guided Missile, WPD, CAPF, CIC
18. October 30: Ramsar Sites, Hundred Drums Festival, Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, Montreux record

November 2020:
1. November 2: IR Code 2020, NPCI, Ekta Diwas, IFSCA
2. November 3NAFED, BrahMos, 15th Finance Commission, Typhoon GONI
3. November 5: First country to legalize euthanasia for children?, SERB-POWER, AShM
4. November 7: Who is Appointed as the New Chief Information Commissioner of India?
5. November 8: IAS 2021 (Prelims) - The Most Effective Online Classes in India (Mains Just Started)
6. November 9: Who is the First 'Second Gentle man' of USA?, Jal Shakti Awards
7. November 16: Can a Candidate of third Largest Party be Appointed as the Chief Minister?
8. November 17: Which is the first State to get completely covered under piped gas?, SADAR, NASA
9. November 19: Rani of Jhansi, Indra, World Toilet Day, Covid Suraksha Mission, 6G Satellite
10. November 20: What is Project 75?, What is SCO and Who are the Members?, World Diabetics Day
11. November 21: Budapest Convention,Control of Trans boundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes, New START
12. November 23: Who is the Chairman of NCMC?, Ninth Sikh Guru, 'A Promised Land'
13. November 25: Which is the first Nation to bring back Samples of Lunar Rock,What is Draft Ordinance?
14. November 26: 'Samvidhan Diwas' is celebrated on?

December 2020:
1. December 1: Tiger State, Serum Institute of India, World AIDS Day
2. December 2: PRAGATI, National Milk Day, Etalin Hydroelectric Project, MQ9B, PMKSY
3. December 3: Which is the 4th country to have its independent regional navigation satellite system?
4. December 4: What is Golden Rice? What is Section 69A? Where is IPI located?
5. December 8: What is Invest India?
6. December 9: Flag Day, BIMSTEC, Paris Agreement, UN
7. December 10: Five EYES, DPIIP, Hornbill Festival?
8. December 11: Who is the architect of new Parliament building? New Rocket Launch Pad, AIPA
9. December 12: Population Explosion is more dangerous than bomb explosion
10. December 14: Where is the World's only Floating Park Located? Laffer Curve, Carbon Emissions
11. December 15: Who is the Chief Guest for India’s Republic Day Parade in the year 2021?
12. December 17: ISRO Successfully Launched PSLV C50 from SDSC and CMS-01 is Placed in GTO
13. December 18: Which Country is Banned from using Name, Flag and Anthem?What is Driver less Train?
14. December 21: What is Primary amoebic Meningoencephalitis?, Look East Policy and Act East Policy
15. December 22: What is Artificial Sun? When is National&International Mathematics Days are celebrated?
16. December 24: FOREX, SDGs, IVD
17. December 24: APPSC & TSPSC Group 1 Online Coaching 2021 (English & తెలుగు) - One Stop Solution
18. December 26: Which country Registered First Foul Air Death? What is Plogging? Azad Pattan Project
19. December 29: What is 'Pralay'?, What is ETPBS? What is 'NETRA"?
20. December 30: Who are conferred with PM Shram Awards? SER, Netaji Museum, HDI
21. December 31: What is Project Loon? What is eSanjeevani?