2020 Current Affairs Videos (EM)

January 2020
1. January 1Chief of Defense Staff, Role and Responsibilities
2. January 4Can a State Assembly Pass a Resolution against Central Law?
3. January 5APPSC -2020 (General Studies for All Exams) - Latest and Updated Classes
4. January 6Section 9 of the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2006
5. January 8What is Curative Petition?(Death Warrant against 4 Nirbhaya case Convicts)
6. January 8What is Fiscal Deficit? Why GOI is Planning to Cut the Expenditure in 2019-20?
7. January 9Disinvestment of Equity Shareholding in NINL
8. January 11What is FDI and FPI? Ordinance on FDI in coal Mining
9. January 12Chief of Defence Staff is a Secretary in Ministry of Defence Now
10. January 13IAS 2020 (Prelims Test Series) - 50 + Subject wise, 5 + Grand Tests, 3000 + Current Affairs Bits (Since June 1, 2019).
11. January 13In a Welfare State, Right to Property is a Human Right
12. January 14Mercy Plea after the dismissal of Curative Petition
13. January 15IAS 2019 (Personality Test/Interview) Cutting edge Online guidance
14. January 17Convicts to be hanged on February 1, 2020 and Not on January 22, 2020
15. January 20Irrawady dolphins, GoM
16. January 22: Mahatma Gandhi - Above Bharata Ratna
17. January 22Reciting Preamble is a Must in Maharashtra Schools
18. January 22General Studies 2020 (for All Competitive Exams-Latest & Updated Classes)
19. January 24: Full Democracy to Flawed Democracy, Democracy Index
20. January 24How a State Legislative Council is Created or Abolished?
21. January 25Electoral Literacy for Stronger Democracy
22. January 28How the SEBI Chief is Selected?
23. January 28AP Assembly Passed a Resolution for the Abolition of the Upper House
24. January 28Which is the First State to Pass anti Citizenship Amendment Act Resolution?
25. January 29Ramsar Sites, Rule 130, EU Parliament, Chief Guest of Republic Day 2020
26. January 30Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) - Transparency International (TI)
27. January 31Economic Survey (2019-20), Theory of Invisible Hand

February 2020:
1. February 1Budget 2020-2021 (Class 1) - Kalyan Sir
2. February 2Budget 2020-2021 (Class 2) - New Income Tax Regime with No Exemptions and Deductions
3. February 3Kalyan Sir - IAS 2020 Prelims Cum Mains Effective Preparation
4. February 3SI of Police (Andhra Pradesh) - Notification to be Released Soon
5. February 3Group 2 - 2020 (APPSC)- Prepare Well In Advance Under the Guidance of Kalyan Sir for Sure Success
6. February 6Nirbhaya Case: The Supreme Court to Hear Central Government Appeal
7. February 7Impeachment Procedure of the President of USA
8. FebruaryState 3rd Rank APPSC (Group 2) - Patnam Lavan Kumar (251005339) Hearty Congratulations
10. February 11Sustainable Development Fee, DISHA
11. February 11Group 2 ( APPSC) - Last Date of Admission February 12, 2020
12. February 13CORONA virus is COVID 19, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is the DG of WHO
13. February 13Can the Prisoners be permitted to vote in the elections? Verdict of Delhi High Court
14. February 14Group 2 (APPSC 2020) - Last Date of Admissions Extended to February 19, 2020
15. February 15Konark Sun Temple, TERI, MOTERA STADIUM
16. February 17APPSC(Group 2)-New Batches(EM/TM)Soon-Last Date of Admissions February 19,2020
17. February 17KAMBALA,Indian Usain Bolt
18. February 20The Beast, Afghanistan, IDSA
19. February 21PMFBY, 22nd Law Commission, Internationla Mother Language Day
20. February 22NABARD, Ross Taylor, CVC, CIC, First Test Tube Baby
21. February 23SI OF POLICE (AP/TS) EM and TM - GS, Reasoning, Arithmetic, Pure Maths, English and Telugu.
22. February 23: Target 125+ /150 in Paper 3 (Indian and AP Economy) (Group 2)-APPSC -2020
23. February 24IAS 2020 (Prelims) - 50 (+) Comprehensive Tests & 3500 Current Affairs Bits
24: February 25PM Kisan Samman Nidhi, Hosni Mubarak, Donald Trump, IMI 2.0
25. February 26RAJYA SABHA, Bicameral State Legislatures, NOTA
26. February 28MSMEs, CCEA, National Technical Textile Mission

March 2020:
1. March 2IICT, Covid 19, Nirbhaya Convicts, NSO, GST
2. March 3AMASR, Malaysia, USA and Taliban Peace Deal
3. March 416th Census In India, Sri Lanka Eections,WHO
4. March 6Women's Day-Group 2 (Rs 9500) & SI of Police (Rs 5000)-Valid from March 7 to 9, 2020
5. March 7OHCHR, NIV, Chandrayaan-3
6. March 8Yes Bank, Israel, NPT
7. March 15India is at Stage II of Pandemic (COVID 19), ICMR
8. March 21NAMASTE INDIA (March 22, 2020)- Short Term Pain and Long Term Gain-Lets Break Corona Chain
9. March 22General Studies (2020) for All Competitive Exams in India (Rs 2700/-)
10. March 23What is Lock down and Why is it enforced?
11. March 25WHO, UNICEF, UNDP, Whatsapp, Indelible Ink
12. March 26Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana(1.7 Lakh Crore Package),Vivek Express
13. March 27Reserve Bank of India and Monetary Policy Committee
14. March 27General Studies 2020-Latest and Updated Videos (Rs 2700)-Kalyan Sir OnlineIAS.com -One Stop Solution
15. March 30MPLADS for fight against Corona Pandemic
16. March 31UN Security Council Voted Through Email for the fist Time in its History

April 2020:
1. April 1How Many Public Sector Banks are present in India after Latest Merger?
2. April 2Group 2 (APPSC/TSPSC) - EM/TM, Rs 9500/-Last Date: April 7, 2020
3. April 3How Many Times so far the Olympic Games were Cancelled since 1896?
4. April 5Who was the longest served Minister in India?