2020 Current Affairs Videos (EM)

January 2020
1. January 1Chief of Defense Staff, Role and Responsibilities
2. January 4Can a State Assembly Pass a Resolution against Central Law?
3. January 5APPSC -2020 (General Studies for All Exams) - Latest and Updated Classes
4. January 6Section 9 of the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2006
5. January 8What is Curative Petition?(Death Warrant against 4 Nirbhaya case Convicts)
6. January 8What is Fiscal Deficit? Why GOI is Planning to Cut the Expenditure in 2019-20?
7. January 9Disinvestment of Equity Shareholding in NINL
8. January 11What is FDI and FPI? Ordinance on FDI in coal Mining
9. January 12Chief of Defence Staff is a Secretary in Ministry of Defence Now
10. January 13IAS 2020 (Prelims Test Series) - 50 + Subject wise, 5 + Grand Tests, 3000 + Current Affairs Bits (Since June 1, 2019).
11. January 13In a Welfare State, Right to Property is a Human Right
12. January 14Mercy Plea after the dismissal of Curative Petition
13. January 15IAS 2019 (Personality Test/Interview) Cutting edge Online guidance
14. January 17Convicts to be hanged on February 1, 2020 and Not on January 22, 2020
15. January 20Irrawady dolphins, GoM
16. January 22: Mahatma Gandhi - Above Bharata Ratna
17. January 22Reciting Preamble is a Must in Maharashtra Schools
18. January 22General Studies 2020 (for All Competitive Exams-Latest & Updated Classes)
19. January 24: Full Democracy to Flawed Democracy, Democracy Index
20. January 24How a State Legislative Council is Created or Abolished?