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January 2022:

1. January 4Realm of Accountability to Realm of Impunity (Constitutional Cases)

2. January 6Will the GST Council Recommend for the extension of GST Compensation Period?

3. January 10: What is Election Expenditure and Why is it enhanced?

4. January 11: NPT has not been entirely successful, but it hasn’t been an abject failure either.

5. January 13Senior Space Scientist Took Over when ISRO has Numerous Missions & Projects

6. January 14: Uniform Civil Code’ Denotes the field of Personal Law

7. January 18: Focus of Government is not just Conserve Forests Quantitatively but to enrich Qualitatively

8. January 19: Why Indonesia Shifted Capital City from Jakarta to Nusantara?

9. January 21: BrahMos Supersonic Cruise Missile and First Export Order

9. January 28: Deprivation of personal liberty without ensuring speedy trial is not consistent with Article 21

10. January 29: Revival of the Saraswati River - Adi Badri Dam Construction

11. January 31: Economic Survey 2022 (Basics and Highlights)

February 2022

1. February 1: Budget 2022-23 (Rupee Comes from and Rupee Goes to)

2. February 2: PM Gati Shakti, One Station- One Product (Budget -2022-23)

3. February 3: 'KAVACH' - An ACD Brings the Probability of a Just Single Error in 10,000 Years

4. February 4: What are 'Kisan Drones'? Which Year is announced as International Year of Millets?

5. February 7: Are the Powers of the Speaker of a Legislative Assembly Absolute?

6. February 8: No Distinction of Definition Between the Manufacturing & Service Enterprises in MSMEs

7. February 9: What is ESMA and When is it Invoked by the Government?

8. February 10: What is 'Drone Shakti' for 'Drone-As-A-Service'?- What is One Class - One TV?

9. February 11: What is 'National Tele-Mental Health Programme'?

10. February 14: Marvelous Accomplishment by PSLV C-52

11. February 15: What are the Largest and Second Largest Fairs in India?

12. February 16: What is the Significance of Sunrise Industries in India?

13. February 17: Which Country is Emerging As A Global Leader In Milk Production?

14. February 18: By Which Year Indian Economy is to Surpass Japan?

15. February 21: Green Hydrogen Policy/Green Ammonia Policy

16. February 22: Difference between Surcharge and Cess

17. February 23: Supreme Court on 75% of Reservations in Private Sector to Local Youths in Haryana

18. February 24: Lakshya Zero Dumpsite, Manhole to Machine hole

19. February 25: National Commission for Minorities was Established To Protect Interests of Minorities

20. February 28: Why India Abstained from Voting in UNSC to Condemn Russian Aggression on Ukraine

21. February 28: Which Reservoir is considered to be the Mother of All Reservoirs in India

March 2022:

1. March 1: SEBI - Capital Market Regulator - Madhabi Puri Buch is the First Woman Chief

2. March 2: What is Automatic Route in FDI? How much % of FDI is allowed in IPO-bound LIC?

3. March 3: Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission - A Digital Ecosystem - Its Advantages

4. March 4: Various 'Operations' Launched by the GOI to Rescue Citizens Stranded in Other Nations

5. March 7: Is it unconstitutional to introduce budget in a state without Governor’s speech?

6. March 8: How Come Reduction of Four Slabs of GST to 3 Slabs Increase Revenue to The Government?

7. March 9: Mother of All Bombs & Father of All Bombs

8. March 10: The Latest State-of-The-Art Railway Bridge in India

9. March 11: What is New in Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana?

10. March 14: BRO Constructed 'Atal Tunnel' is The Longest Highway Tunnel In the World

11. March 15: Constituency Development Fund at the Central and State Levels

12. March 16: Difference in the Election of Rajya Sabha Chairman & Chairman of Legislative Council

13. March 17: ICJ Ruling on Russian Military Operation on Ukraine

14. March 18: How The President of India is Elected?

15. March 21: What is Point Nemo or Spacecraft Graveyard? NASA to Decommission ISS

16. March 22: What is Dead Hand? How Does it Deter the Possibility of Nuclear First-Strike on Russia?

17. March 23What is Air Quality Index? What are the Reasons for New Delhi's Air Pollution?

18. March 24: What is Privatization? Which two PSBs have been Shortlisted for Privatization?

19. March 25: Union Cabinet Approved the Extension of NACP (April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2026)

20. March 28: Khel Mahakhumb - Revolutionizing Sports Ecosystem

21: March 29: What are the Various Factors taken into Consideration for World Happiness Report?

22. March 30: Uniform Civil Code - Article 44 - Part IV of The Constitution of India

23. March 31: Aims and Objectives of 'Nav Bharat Literacy Programme'

24. March 31: What is 3D Mapping? -Geo-spatial System, New Drone Policy and Liberal Space Sector

April 2022:

1. April 1: What is MRSAM? Who Developed this Jointly?

2. April 4: Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance to Deliberate on NSE Scam with SEBI Chairman

3. April 5: Punjab Assembly Passed a Resolution for Complete Transfer of Chandigarh to Punjab

4. April 6: The National Commission for Women is Being Allocated with Adequate Funds

5. April 7: What are the Objectives of The National Capital Goods Policy, 2016?

6. April 8: Why Russia has been Suspended from United Nations Human Rights Council?

7. April 11: What is the Difference Between Central Schemes and Centrally Sponsored Schemes?

8. April 12: What are Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises?

9. April 13: Weapons of Mass Destruction&their Delivery Systems(Prohibition of Unlawful Activities)Amendment Bill, 2022

10. April 14: 90000/95000 opposed the Proposed Amendment of Prohibition of Child Marriage Act

11. April 15: What is Article 5 of the Washington Treaty?

12. April 18: What Would be India's CAD if Crude Oil Price Reaches $150 per Barrel?

13. April 19: The GST Council may decide to prune the list of exempt items

14. April 20: Why April 24th is Celebrated as National Panchayati Raj Day?

15. April 21: Where India’s First 99.999% 'Fuel of The Future' Pilot Plant' is Commissioned?

16. April 22: 'Invest in our planet - 2022, 'Restore our Earth - 2021', Climate Action - 2020

17. April 25: Who is the First and Current Vice Chairman of NITI Aayog?

18. April 26: What is Trade and Technology Council? Who is India's first Partner in TTC?

19. April 27: Aung San Suu Kyi, Corruption Charges, Conviction and Sentence

20. April 28: What is NDSO that is Maintained by National Crime Record Bureau?

21. April 29: What is the Difference Between Official Language and National Language?

May 2022:

1. May 2: In which Month and Year the Government has Received Highest GST Collection so Far?

2. May 3: What is International Solar Alliance?What is India's Target of Solar Power Generation by 2030?

3. May 4: What is Blue Aadhaar?

4. May 5: Chiefs of Armed Forces, Appointment and Term

5. May 6: What is Fortified Rice? Why is it Important for the Rural Population?

6. May 9: Which HC Passed the Observation that Use of a loudspeaker from a Mosque is not a fundamental right?

7. May 10: What is the Vote Value of an Elected Member of Parliament in Presidential Poll?

8. May 11: How Increase in Repo Rate by MPC Controls Inflation in India ?

9. May 12: A Serious Population Drop in the World's Third Largest Economy

10. May 13: Delimitation Commission on UT of J & K, Elections to Be Held soon in J and K

11. May 16: New PM for Sri Lanka Amidst Serious Economic Crisis 

12. May 17ECI will follow the time-tested & democratic methods of consultations & consensus building - New CEC

13. May 18: What are the Benefits of PM Bharatiya Jan Aushadhi Project?

14. May 19: Death Sentence only in Rarest of Rare Cases’ in which There is No Alternative-Apex Court

15. May 20: What is National List of Essential Medicines Act?

16. May 23: How A G Perarivalan, a Convict in the Rajiv Gandhi Assassination Case Released?

17. May 24: What is Excise Duty? How Does It Effect The Retail Inflation?

18. May 25: What is 'QUAD'? What is the Importance of the Summit Held in May 2022?

19. May 26: What is Quorum? How is it Different in State Legislatures from that of Parliament?

20. May 27: Why the CEC and ECs Decided to Give up Income Tax Perks?

21. May 30: Who Appoints and Removes the Lt. Governors?

22. May 31: What is Indo-Pacific Economic Framework? What India Benefits out of This?

June 2022:

1. June 1: What are The Powers of The Supreme Court Under Article 142 of The Constitution of India?

2. June 2: Why The Government has Refused to Make Public Even the Raw Caste Data of the SECC-2011?

3. June 3: Where is the 'National Conference of Chief Secretaries' to be Held in June 2022?

4. June 4: What Happens When Entire Cabinet (Except Chief Minister) Submits the Resignation?

5. June 7: What are the Objectives of Integrated Guided Missile Development Program (IGMDP)?

6. June 8: What is the Difference Between IMR and NMR and What is Current IMR and NMR in India?

7. June 9: What is the Difference Between Food Security and Food Safety? 4th State Food Safety Index

8. June 10: Why the Repo Rate Has Been hiked by RBI for the second Consecutive Month?

9. June 13: What is Organisation of Islamic Cooperation?

10. June 14: Which State Passed A Bill to Replace Governor with CM as the Chancellor of State Run Universities?

11. June 15: What Are the Features of "Agnipath' Scheme and Its Advantages?

12. June 16: What is IGMDP Project? What Are the 3 Variants of Prithvi Short Range Ballistic Missile?

13. June 17: What is 'Bharat Gaurav'?

14. June 20: What is India;s Rank in Annual World Competitiveness Index Compiled by IMD in 2022?

15. June 21: What is SBM Rural and SBM Urban (2.O)?

16. June 22: Which Article of The Constitution Permits Legislation For Giving Effect to International Agreements?

17. June 23: Who was the First India's Permanent Representative to United Nations?

18. June 24: Who Appoints the Director General of National Investigation Agency?

19. June 27: What is BRICS? Which Country Hosted BRICS Virtual Summit in the Year 2022?

20. June 28: What is G7? Where the G7 Summit Took Place in the Year 2022?

21. June 29: On Whose Recommendation The President of India Appoints the Judges of High Courts?

22. June 30: Facts Related to the Election of the President of India

July 2022:

1. July 1: Who Has Been Appointed as the New CEO of NITI Aayog?

2. July 4: Who Conducts the Election of The Vice President of India?

3. July 5: Which Countries Have Applied for The Membership in BRICS?

4. July 6: Who Has the Right to Speak in Both the Houses of The Parliament Without a Right to Vote?

5. July 7: What is G 20? Which City of India is Hosting G 20 Summit in 2023?

6. July 8: What is PMAY-G Scheme?Who Launched This? Who are the Beneficiaries under PMAY-G Scheme?

7. July 11: According to The Estimates by Which Year The World Population Would Reach 10 Billion?

8. July 12: What is Windfall Gain Tax? What are the Products that are Imposed from July 1, 2022?

9. July 13: Which Year Election of The President is Considered to Be The Most Closely Contested so far?

10. July 14: What is Global Gender Gap Index? Who Publishes it Every Year?

11. July 15: By Which Year India is Going to be The Most Populous Country in The World?

12. July 18: What is the Difference Between the Electoral College for election of the President & Vice President?

13. July 19: What is Zoonotic Infection? Why is it in The News?

14. July 20: What is Import Substitution Industrialization? When Special Economic Zone Policy was Announced?

15. July 21: What is RB008? Which Country Delivered Rafale Fighter Jets to India?

16. July 22: What are the Methods Used to Count Tigers and Elephants in India?

17. July 25: In Whose Presence President shall, before entering upon office make & subscribe an oath/Affirmation?

18. July 26: What is India Innovation Index? Who Publishes this Every Year?

19. July 27: Which Country's Passport is Considered to be the Most Powerful Passport in the World?

20. July 28: What is Ramsar Convention? What Are the New Ramsar Sites in India?

21. July 29: What are the Various Methods to Acquire & Lose the Citizenship of India Under Citizenship Act 1955?

August 2022:

1. August 1: What happens when state bills are sent to the President’s Assent? Case Study: A bill of Tamil Nadu

2. August 2: What are the Advantages of Floating Solar Power Project? Where in India the Largest One is Located?

3. August 3: What is Family Courts Act? When Did It Come into Existence? Why It is Being Amended now?

4. August 4: What is the Total Number of Ramsar Sites In India After 10 more wetlands designated as Ramsar sites?

5. August 5: Which is the First Certified 'Har Ghar Jal' District in India?

6. August 8: What is The Composition of The Selection Panel that Recommends the Appointment of CVC & other VCs?

7. August 9: Is the Tenure of Chief Justice of India/Other Judges Mentioned in the Constitution?

8. August 10What Are Laser-Guided Anti-Tank Guided Missiles that are Developed indigenously?

9. August 11: What is IAC-1 and When is Going to Be Commissioned & Named After India's First Air Craft Carrier?

10. August 12: As A Member of UNSC Which Country is Chairing Counter Terrorism Committee in October 2022?

11. August 16: What is the Difference Between Adjournment Motion and Rule 267 in Parliamentary Procedures?

12. August 17: Why Conducting Simultaneous Elections for Lok Sabha &State Assemblies is the Need of the Hour?

13. August 18: What is Vasectomy? Which are The States at Top Two Positions in Male Sterilization?

14. August 19: Andhra Pradesh and Telangana state assembly seats are likely to be increased in which year?

15. August 22: How Many More Wetlands Have Been Added to the List of Ramsar Sites To Make Total 75 in India?

16. August 23: Green Hydrogen- Who Developed India’s 1st truely indigenously developed Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus?

17. August 25: What is Balaji Judgement of 2013? Why Apex Court Decided to Reconsider it Under 3 Judge Bench?

18. August 26: Who Are the 48th and 49th Chief Justices of India?

19. August 29: Who decides the appointment of the Defence Research &Development Organisation Chairman?

20. August 30: What Are the Grounds Under Which an MLA can Be Disqualified by The Governor?

September 2022:

1. September 2: Who was The Chief Justice of India that served the Shortest Term?

2. September 6: Who was the First Woman Prime Minister of UK and How Many PMs UK Experienced So Far?

3. September 7: What Were the Names of 'Rajpath' and 'Rashtrapati Bhavan' before Independence?

4. September 8: What is The Name of the Party of the Prime Minister of Bangladesh?

5. September 9: What is the Meaning of Largest Economy? What is India's Current Rank in the World Economy?

6. September 12: What is 'Cheetah Reintroduction Project'? Why Is it Important?

7. September 13: What is National Automated Fingerprint Identification System? What Are the Advantages?

8. September 14: What is Shanghai Cooperation Organisation? Where is the Summit Held in 2022 ?

9. September 15: What Are the Provisions Under Section 29A of The Representation of People's Act?

10. September 16: Which Ministry Does The Enforcement Directorate (ED) Functions Under?

11. September 19: Circumstances Under Which Apex Court may, in its discretion, grant special leave to appeal.

12. September 20: What is India's Rank in the World and in Asia in Export of Chemical and Allied Products?

13. September 21: What is Pradhan Mantri Schools For Rising India (PM-SHRI) Yojana?

14. September 22: What is India's Increase in Per Hectare Yield of Wheat From 1964-65 to 2020-21?

15. September 23: What is Exercise Pitch Black 2022? In Which Country it was Held in 2022?

16. September 26: What is National Logistics Policy & How is it Related to PM GatiShakti National Master Plan?

17. September 27: Which Department Provides the Status of Maharatna to a CPSE?

18. September 28: What Are the Reasons Under Which RBI can Cancel The Licence of a Bank?

19. September 29: What are parameters of Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR)?

20. September 30: What is COP27? What is Targeted Year of India to Achieve Net Zero Balance?

October 2022:

1. October 4: When was 'Mangalayaan' Launched? When was It Inserted Into Martian Orbit?

2. October 7: Who Was the Longest Served Attorney General of India?

3. October 10: Who Decides the Allotment of the Existing Election Symbol, in case a Political Party is Bifurcated?

4. October 11: India’s First 24*7 Solar Village is Located in the State of?

5. October 12: Parliamentary Committee of Official Language

6. October 19: What Are Digital Banking Units (DBUs)? Down load 'KalyanTimes.com' from Play Store for Updates.

7. October 20: Who is Empowered to Transfer case from One State to the Other State?

8. October 26: Why GSLV Mark III Has Been Renamed as LVM-3?

9. October 27: Where is 'Statue of Prosperity' is Situated? 

10. October 28Lily Thomas V Union of India (along with Lok Prahari v. Union of India) - July 10, 2013

11. October 31: What is Global Innovation Index? Who Publishes the Same Every Year?

November 2022:

1. November 1Who is the First and Current Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) of India?

2. November 2Which is the First State/UT to become India’s First ‘Swachh Sujal Pradesh’?

3. November 4: Status of Forest Area in India

4. November 7: What is 103rd Constitution Amendment Act? Why the Supreme Court Upheld the same?

5. November 8: Who Appointed Chairperson and Members of 22nd Law Commission of India?

6. November 9: Who Administers the Oath of Office to the Chief Justice of India? 

7. November 15Significance of November 15, 2022 with Respect to World Population

8. November 16: In Which Year India is Going to Host G 20 Summit?

9. November 17: Why Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award Has Been Changed to Major Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna Award?

10. November 18: Who Proposed and Who Opposed the 'Carbon Border Tax'?

11. November 21: Who Has Been Awarded 'Satyajit Ray Lifetime Achievement Award' in 2022?

12. November 23: What is ‘Prarambh’?

13. November 25: Which Day Celebrated as International Day for The Elimination of Violence Against Women and Girls?

14. November 30: Which Panel Submitted Recommendations on Gas pricing formula to ensure Fair Prices to Consumers?

December 2022:

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