KalyanIAS.com - 2021 Current Affairs Videos (EM)

January 2021:

1. January 442nd Ramsar Site in India, BASIC, PM-KISAN, COP26, UJALA

2. January 4: How Many Times India Became a Non Permanent Member of UNSC?

3. January 4: In Which Year AFSPA has been Enacted ?

4. January 5: What is the name of India's first indegenously developed Air droppable container?

5. January 5: Application Launched by Government to Connect the Indian Diaspora Spread All Over the World?

6. January 5: Who has been Nominated to Global Alliances for Vaccines and Immunization Board ?

7. January 5: Who Launched Digital Ocean Platform ?

8. January 6: What is Covaxin and Covishield ?

9. January 6: What is Social Impact Bond ?

10. January 7: What are Trans Fats and Why it Should be Eliminated?

11. January 7: What are Wooden Satellites?

12. January 8: What is 25th Amendment of US Constitution?

13. January 9: Amazon Rain Forest to be Vanished

14. January 11: ISRO is to set up its second launch port in the state of?

15. January 13: What is the difference between Cess and Surcharge?

16. January 20: What is 'Rakshita'?

17. January 21: DIPAM, AIM, GHTC, Yakshagana, Tiger State - www.KalyanIAS.com

18. January 25: National Girl Child Day, Ratle Hydropower Project

19. January 26: The Chief Guest for Republic Day Parade in India

February 2021:

1. February 4: Indian Economy (Key Updates) -Budget 2021-22 (Highlights)

2. February 8: Plea of President’s Rule Rejected by the Supreme Court

3. February 15: DISCOMs, MSP for 14 new Minor Forest Produce, Chief Economic Advisor.

4. February 16: New Agenda Coalition, Green Tax, Voluntary Vehicle Scrap-page Policy

5. February 18: Bhashan Char Island, 15th Finance Commission, Largest Producer of Silk

6. February 22: National Productivity Council, East Asia Summit, World Unani Day, World Radio Day

7. February 25: What led the LG of Puducherry to recommend for the imposition of President's Rule?

March 2021:

1. March 2: What is 'SPICe+'?, 'Exercise Sampriti', PM - KISAN

2. March 3: SPMRM, INCOIS, Udanti Sitanadi Tiger Reserve, FATF

3. March 3: Best Online Classes for Group 1 and 2 Online (APPSC & TSPSC) 100% Guaranteed Syllabus

4. March 3: IAS 2021(CSP)-Prelims-A Quick & In depth Revision of Paper 1&2 - 60+ Practice Tests

5. March 4: International Union for Conservation of Nature, BRO, Sri Krishna Devaraya

6. March 5: What is EASE index? Zero Discrimination Day, Artificial Limbs Manufacturing Corporation.

7. March 8: UJALA, SLNP, IAEA, JCPOA, Gahirmatha

8. March 9: What is Carbon Footprint? Which is the first state/UT to launch Carbon Watch a Mobile App?

9. March 10: Maitri Setu, UNCTAD, Who are the members in committee to Appoint CBI Director?

10. March 11: Municipal Performance Index, World Customs Organisation, Pench Tiger Reserve

11. March 12: What is Prompt Corrective Action? WIPO, Mithali Raj -The first Indian Women Cricketer

12. March 15: What is QUAD and What are the Objectives ?

13. March 17: What is the Method of Counting of Votes in the Elections of Legislative Councils?

14. March 18: What is Project 75?, What is Amrut Mahostav?

15. March 18: APPSC TSPSC Group 1 & 2 Online Classes, PDF Material, Test Series, Current Affairs

16. March 19: Gaura Devi, DRDO's AIP, Planetary Pact, FIAF

17. March 23: What is BBIN?, The Uighurs, Core of Core Schemes

18. March 25: What is Curative Petition?

19. March 26: Who is the 48th Chief Justice of India?

20. March 30: International Lunar Research Station, IFD, Jatra, Maitri Setu

21. March 31: Valuing Water, Osiris-REx, Percentage of Fresh Water, Teesta River

April 2021:

1. April 1: What is the Rank of India in World Happiness Index? Lai Haraoba festival.

2. April 8: What is Down Syndrome?, What is Sankalp & Strive, CCEA

3. April 9: Group 2 (APPSC/TSPSC) - Importance and How to Score More in Paper 1?

4. April 9: International Agreements, What are Peat lands?, Diphtheria

5. April 14: Who are the Star Campaigners?, New Chief Election Commissioner

6. April 16: What is Unique Land Parcel Identification Number?

7. April 17: What is 'ACT-Accelerator'?

8. April 19: What is P5+1?, Iran and China Pact, UCC

9. April 20: What is Inflation Targeting?

10. April 21: What is Economic Recovery and Its Types?

11. April 24Thirteen Indian cultural heritages, DGFT, Tiger Estimation in India

12. April 26: What is Plasma Therapy? Table Mountain National Park, Great Horn bill

13. April 28: What is Ecocide?, What is NIXI-IP-INDEX?

May 2021:

1. May 5: How TMC Chief Mamatha Benerjee was Sworn in as the CM without being a Member of Assembly?

2. May 6: What is the Disinvestment Target of the GOI for the year 2021-22?

3. May 7: WIPO, World Day for Safety and Health, 9th Sikh Guru

4. May 7: Subject wise Classes for All Competitive Exams in India (UPSC, SPSCs, SSC etc) - English Medium Only

5. May 11: Anubhava Mantapa, Article 164(4), SCO

6. May 12Benin Bronzes, Global Forest Goals Report 2021

7. May 17: Who takes decisions in declaring the Socially and Economically Backward Community?

8. May 18: Who is the Patron-in-Chief of National Legal Services Authority (NALSA)?

9. May 21: What is Mucormycosis or Black Fungus?

10. May 25: What is Talkative Dinosaur?, What is JUICE? International Press Institution

11. May 27: Tianwen 1, IUCN, Unnat Bharat Abhiyaan

12. May 31: TrueNat Test, National Steel Policy, Sanxingdui Ruins Site

June 2021:

1. June 3: World Heritage Sites, MCA 21, UN Peace Keepers Day

2. June 8: World Milk Day and National Milk Day

3. June 9: Biosphere Reserves

4. June 10: What is Performance Grading Index?, FSSAI

5. June 11: Sustainable Development Goals, Ayushman Bharat

6. June 16: Paramparagat Krishi yojana, National start up Advisory council, Raimona National Park

7. June 17: National Parks in India

July 2021:

1. July 1Parliament of India, IUCN, Missile Propulsion Technology

2. July 3What are the Provisions Under RPA 1951, for conducting By-elections?


4. July 7: What is Bone Death?, Markendeya River Water Dispute

5. July 9Who is Empowered to Create New Ministries in India?

6. July 12: World Population

7. July 14: Cabinet Committees and Functions

8. July 16Who can be Appointed as the Leaders of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha?

9. July 19: Which City started the First Grain ATM in India? , Kanwar Yatra

10. July 23: P-81 Air crafts, CIIL, Kongu Nadu, Retail Direct Scheme

11. July 28What was the Technology Used in the Construction of Ramappa Temple? UNESCO& WHS in India

12. July 29In which year 'Dholavira' World Heritage Site was Discovered?

August 2021:

1. August 3What is the Term of UNSC President?

2. August 4: Number of World Heritage Sites in the World and India

3. August 9NISAR (ISRO-NASA), Muslim Women's Rights Day, CDB, UDAN

4. August 9: 127th Constitution Amendment Bill to Restore the States Powers

5. August 18Right to Education

6. August 19: India's First Water Plus City, BBV152, Ghaznavi, EOS 3

7. August 24: Pegasus spyware, NDA, The National Mission on Edible Oil, World Mosquito Day

8. August 26: What is Operation 'Devi Shakti'? Why is it Important for India?

9. August 27: Supreme Court Collegium

10. August 30: What is Bumper to Bumper Insurance?

September 2021:

1. September 6: Which of the following is the only Animal that Inhales and Exhales Oxygen?

2. September 8: Partition Horrors Remembrance Day, Indian Defense Exports

3. September 11What is Green Hydrogen?

4. September 13First Individual Satyagrahi

5. September 15: Supreme Court Clears the Misconception on 'Life Imprisonment'

6. September 17: Reservations in Promotions, Indira Sawhney, Nagraj, Jarnail Singh cases

7. September 22Why the World Bank decided to discontinue publication of ‘Doing Business” rankings? 

8. September 23What is a Bad Bank? What are the Advantages with Bad Bank? 

9. September 24What are Theater Commands? What are the Challenges for New Chief of India Air Force?

10. September 27What is the Net Zero Target Year of India ?

11. September 29What are the Advantages with the E-Shram Portal to The People in Unorganized Sector? 

October 2021:

1. October 1The Second Most Preferred Manufacturing Hub, National Handloom Day

2. October 6: Objectives of National Asset Reconstruction Company Limited.

3. October 25Water Ways

4. October 27Parliamentary Standing Committees

November 2021:

1. November 1: Is Immediate Reelection allowed for a Member in UN Human Rights Council?

2. November 5: Ramsar Convention and Number of Ramsar Sites in India

3. November 6: What is Golden Hour ?

4. November 11: National Education Day and its Significance

5. November 12: What is Evergreen Loan? Why is it in the news?

6. November 15: Which is the First Country in the World to start Commercial Production of Nano Urea?

7. November 17: New STI hubs for SCs and STs in India

8. November 19: Pochampally and UN World Tourism Organisation

9. November 22: What is the Procedure to Repeal the Three Farm Laws as Announced by the PM?

10. November 24: Assembly Passed a Resolution to withdraw the Proposal of Abolition of Legislative Council

11. November 26: From Which Year The 'Constitution Day' is Being Celebrated in India?

12. November 29: What is the Procedure followed in the Parliament to Repeal the Existing Act (S)?

December 2021:

1. December 1: Justice Rohini Commission

2. December 7: UNESCO's Creative Cities Network

3. December 9: What is Expressway? Which is the longest Expressway in India?

4. December 11: Significant Incidents of December 1946 with respected to Constituent Assembly

5. December 20: Prohibition of Child Marriage Act (PCMA), 2006 to be Amended

6. December 22: Chairman of Chiefs of Staff Committee

7. December 24: Why there is a Demand to Repeal Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act?