KalyanIAS.com - 2021 Current Affairs Videos (EM)

January 2021:

1. January 442nd Ramsar Site in India, BASIC, PM-KISAN, COP26, UJALA

2. January 4: How Many Times India Became a Non Permanent Member of UNSC?

3. January 4: In Which Year AFSPA has been Enacted ?

4. January 5: What is the name of India's first indegenously developed Air droppable container?

5. January 5: Application Launched by Government to Connect the Indian Diaspora Spread All Over the World?

6. January 5: Who has been Nominated to Global Alliances for Vaccines and Immunization Board ?

7. January 5: Who Launched Digital Ocean Platform ?

8. January 6: What is Covaxin and Covishield ?

9. January 6: What is Social Impact Bond ?

10. January 7: What are Trans Fats and Why it Should be Eliminated?

11. January 7: What are Wooden Satellites?

12. January 8: What is 25th Amendment of US Constitution?

13. January 9: Amazon Rain Forest to be Vanished

14. January 11: ISRO is to set up its second launch port in the state of?

15. January 13: What is the difference between Cess and Surcharge?

16. January 20: What is 'Rakshita'?

17. January 21: DIPAM, AIM, GHTC, Yakshagana, Tiger State - www.KalyanIAS.com

18. January 25: National Girl Child Day, Ratle Hydropower Project

19. January 26: The Chief Guest for Republic Day Parade in India

February 2021:

1. February 4: Indian Economy (Key Updates) -Budget 2021-22 (Highlights)

2. February 8: Plea of President’s Rule Rejected by the Supreme Court

3. February 15: DISCOMs, MSP for 14 new Minor Forest Produce, Chief Economic Advisor.

4. February 16: New Agenda Coalition, Green Tax, Voluntary Vehicle Scrap-page Policy

5. February 18: Bhashan Char Island, 15th Finance Commission, Largest Producer of Silk

6. February 22: National Productivity Council, East Asia Summit, World Unani Day, World Radio Day

7. February 25: What led the LG of Puducherry to recommend for the imposition of President's Rule?

March 2021:

1. March 2: What is 'SPICe+'?, 'Exercise Sampriti', PM - KISAN

2. March 3: SPMRM, INCOIS, Udanti Sitanadi Tiger Reserve, FATF

3. March 3: Best Online Classes for Group 1 and 2 Online (APPSC & TSPSC) 100% Guaranteed Syllabus

4. March 3: IAS 2021(CSP)-Prelims-A Quick & In depth Revision of Paper 1&2 - 60+ Practice Tests

5. March 4: International Union for Conservation of Nature, BRO, Sri Krishna Devaraya

6. March 5: What is EASE index? Zero Discrimination Day, Artificial Limbs Manufacturing Corporation.

7. March 8: UJALA, SLNP, IAEA, JCPOA, Gahirmatha

8. March 9: What is Carbon Footprint? Which is the first state/UT to launch Carbon Watch a Mobile App?

9. March 10: Maitri Setu, UNCTAD, Who are the members in committee to Appoint CBI Director?

10. March 11: Municipal Performance Index, World Customs Organisation, Pench Tiger Reserve

11. March 12: What is Prompt Corrective Action? WIPO, Mithali Raj -The first Indian Women Cricketer

12. March 15: What is QUAD and What are the Objectives ?

13. March 17: What is the Method of Counting of Votes in the Elections of Legislative Councils?

14. March 18: What is Project 75?, What is Amrut Mahostav?

15. March 18: APPSC TSPSC Group 1 & 2 Online Classes, PDF Material, Test Series, Current Affairs

16. March 19: Gaura Devi, DRDO's AIP, Planetary Pact, FIAF

17. March 23: What is BBIN?, The Uighurs, Core of Core Schemes

18. March 25: What is Curative Petition?

19. March 26: Who is the 48th Chief Justice of India?

20. March 30: International Lunar Research Station, IFD, Jatra, Maitri Setu

21. March 31: Valuing Water, Osiris-REx, Percentage of Fresh Water, Teesta River

April 2021:

1. April 1: What is the Rank of India in World Happiness Index? Lai Haraoba festival.

2. April 8: What is Down Syndrome?, What is Sankalp & Strive, CCEA

3. April 9: Group 2 (APPSC/TSPSC) - Importance and How to Score More in Paper 1?

4. April 9: International Agreements, What are Peat lands?, Diphtheria

5. April 14: Who are the Star Campaigners?, New Chief Election Commissioner

6. April 16: What is Unique Land Parcel Identification Number?

7. April 17: What is 'ACT-Accelerator'?

8. April 19: What is P5+1?, Iran and China Pact, UCC

9. April 20: What is Inflation Targeting?

10. April 21: What is Economic Recovery and Its Types?

11. April 24Thirteen Indian cultural heritages, DGFT, Tiger Estimation in India

12. April 26: What is Plasma Therapy? Table Mountain National Park, Great Horn bill

13. April 28: What is Ecocide?, What is NIXI-IP-INDEX?

May 2021:

1. May 5: How TMC Chief Mamatha Benerjee was Sworn in as the CM without being a Member of Assembly?

2. May 6: What is the Disinvestment Target of the GOI for the year 2021-22?

3. May 7: WIPO, World Day for Safety and Health, 9th Sikh Guru

4. May 7: Subject wise Classes for All Competitive Exams in India (UPSC, SPSCs, SSC etc) - English Medium Only

5. May 11: Anubhava Mantapa, Article 164(4), SCO

6. May 12Benin Bronzes, Global Forest Goals Report 2021

7. May 17: Who takes decisions in declaring the Socially and Economically Backward Community?

8. May 18: Who is the Patron-in-Chief of National Legal Services Authority (NALSA)?

9. May 21: What is Mucormycosis or Black Fungus?

10. May 25: What is Talkative Dinosaur?, What is JUICE? International Press Institution

11. May 27: Tianwen 1, IUCN, Unnat Bharat Abhiyaan

12. May 31: TrueNat Test, National Steel Policy, Sanxingdui Ruins Site

June 2021:

1. June 3: World Heritage Sites, MCA 21, UN Peace Keepers Day

2. June 8: World Milk Day and National Milk Day

3. June 9: Biosphere Reserves

4. June 10: What is Performance Grading Index?, FSSAI

5. June 11: Sustainable Development Goals, Ayushman Bharat

6. June 16: Paramparagat Krishi yojana, National start up Advisory council, Raimona National Park

7. June 17: National Parks in India

July 2021:

1. July 1Parliament of India, IUCN, Missile Propulsion Technology

2. July 3What are the Provisions Under RPA 1951, for conducting By-elections?


4. July 7: What is Bone Death?, Markendeya River Water Dispute

5. July 9Who is Empowered to Create New Ministries in India?

6. July 12: World Population

7. July 14: Cabinet Committees and Functions

8. July 16Who can be Appointed as the Leaders of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha?

9. July 19: Which City started the First Grain ATM in India? , Kanwar Yatra

10. July 23: P-81 Air crafts, CIIL, Kongu Nadu, Retail Direct Scheme

11. July 28What was the Technology Used in the Construction of Ramappa Temple? UNESCO& WHS in India

12. July 29In which year 'Dholavira' World Heritage Site was Discovered?

August 2021:

1. August 3What is the Term of UNSC President?

2. August 4: Number of World Heritage Sites in the World and India

3. August 9NISAR (ISRO-NASA), Muslim Women's Rights Day, CDB, UDAN

4. August 9: 127th Constitution Amendment Bill to Restore the States Powers

5. August 18Right to Education

6. August 19: India's First Water Plus City, BBV152, Ghaznavi, EOS 3

7. August 24: Pegasus spyware, NDA, The National Mission on Edible Oil, World Mosquito Day

8. August 26: What is Operation 'Devi Shakti'? Why is it Important for India?

9. August 27: Supreme Court Collegium

10. August 30: What is Bumper to Bumper Insurance?

September 2021:

1. September 6: Which of the following is the only Animal that Inhales and Exhales Oxygen?

2. September 8: Partition Horrors Remembrance Day, Indian Defense Exports

3. September 11What is Green Hydrogen?

4. September 13First Individual Satyagrahi

5. September 15: Supreme Court Clears the Misconception on 'Life Imprisonment'