September 12th, 2014 Current Affairs Bits

Q: In which of the following security forces the central government is planning recruit the insurgents who gave up the insurgency?

a. Border Security Force (BSF)
b. Sashatra Seema Bal (SSB)
c. Rapid Action Force (RPF)

Chose the correct answer:

1. A and B
2. A and C
3. B and C
4. A, B and C

Q: Which of the missile has been test fired on September 11th, 2014 from Wheeler Islands, Odisha coast?

1. Agni -I
2. Agni – II
3. Agni – IV
4. Agni - V

Q: National Investigation Agency (NIA) functions under the Ministry of 

1. Home Affairs
2. Defence
3. Personnel, Public grievance and pensions
4. External Affairs

Q: Which of the following states is planning to make it mandatory for all the people who want to contest in the Panchayat elections must have functional toilets at their homes?

1. Gujarat
2. Andhra Pradesh
3. Tamil nadu
4. Rajasthan

Q: Ebola is caused by

1. Virus
2. Bacteria
3. Fungus
4. None