September 11th, 2014 Current Affairs Bits

Q: Which of the following states Chief Minister has warned, that the TV channels will be buried if they speak anything against the state?

1. Tamil Nadu
2. Telengana
3. Jharkhand
4. Karnataka

Q: The National Crisis Management Committee is headed by

1. The Prime Minister
2. The Union Home Minister
3. The Union Home Secretary
4. The Cabinet Secretary

Q: In which of the following cities in India the 2nd edition of ‘Lifestyle Pakistan’ exhibition to be held in September 2014 where the ‘non – policing’ visas were also issued to the businessmen from Pakistan whose business venture is above Rs. 5 crore?

1. Mumbai
2. Chennai
3. New Delhi
4. Bangaluru

Q: Which of the following states Department of higher education mooted a plan that the students with minimum 75 percent of attendance are gifted with a smart phone?

1. Uttar Pradesh
2. Madhya Pradesh
3. Himachal Pradesh
4. Arunachal Pradesh

Q: In the year 2014 the Asian games (popularly called Asiad) will be held in?

1. China
2. Bangladesh
3. Indonesia
4. South Korea

Q: Which of the following countries Parliament decided to discuss about the Human Rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir for which India has raised serious objections saying that it is a bilateral issue between Pakistan and India?

1. France
2. Britain 
3. USA
4. China