August 16th, 2014 Current Affairs Bits

1.    Which of the following country signed an agreement with Britain to hold a referendum on September 18th, 2014 with respect to independence?

A.    Ireland
B.    Scotland
C.    Wales
D.    Netherlands

2.    Which of the following countries hosted the Common Wealth Games in the year 2014?

A.    Indian
B.    England
C.    Ireland
D.    Scotland

3.    The dreaded ‘Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever’ (EHF) is caused by

a.    Virus
b.    Bacteria
c.    Fungus
d.    Pollen grains

4.    Which of the following High Courts delivered a crucial judgement in August 2014 that the daughters alive on September 9, 2005 would be entitled to equal rights in ancestral property?
A.    Madras High Court
B.    Calcutta High Court
C.    Bombay High Court
D.    Delhi High Court

5.    S. K. Jain was arrested by the CBI and he was suspended by the government for allegedly accepting the a bribe of Rs. 50 lakhs to enhance the credit limits of some companies. He was the Chairman and Managing Director for which of the following banks?
A.    Punjab National Bank
B.    Vijaya Bank
C.    Andhra Bank
D.    Syndicate Bank

6.    Which of the following state government is conducting an intensive household survey?

a.    Gujarat
b.    Telangana
c.    Tamil Nadu
d.    Uttar Pradesh

7.    Justice ‘Markendey Katju’ a former Judge of the Supreme Court is in the news because of controversial statements against some of the former Chief Justices of India. At present Markendey Katju is the chairman of
a.    Press Trust of India
b.    Press Council of India
c.    Prasar Bharati
d.    National Green Tribunal

8.    Which of the following statements are true regarding the maiden independence speech of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi?

a.    He visited only Rajghat and not other Samadhis  before heading for red Fort like his predecessors

b.    He spoke without any bullet proof shields from the ramparts of Red Fort

c.    The Prime Minister ended the speech with ‘Vande Mataram’ a sharp departure from traditional ‘Jai Hind’

d.    The address was extempore and not text based

Chose the correct answer from below:

1.    A, B and C
2.    B, C and D
3.    A, C and D
4.    A, B, C and D

9.    In the recently held Common Wealth Games in Scotland, India won total 64 medals. England stood at the top position with 174 medals. What is India’s rank in the top 10?

A.    2nd
B.    3rd
C.    4th
D.    5th

10.    The Mughal Gardens are located in

a.    Parliament
b.    Supreme Court
c.    Rashtrapati Bhavan
d.    Red Fort